Final Assignment: (re)Design



In-Class Review

Does your final poster show a clear shape of negative space? Support your answer with a specific reference to the poster.
My final poster does show a clear shape of negative space. Between the two blocks of text on the upper right corner, there appears to be a broad line through these two triangles. Almost as if a square has been cut diagonally.

Name the elements of typographic contrast that are shown in your final poster’s headline.
In my final poster’s headline, I used difference in size and format to create a readable headline while at the same time showing contrast between upper and lowercase letters of the typeface.

Does your final poster’s text show at least two type colors? Support your answer with a specific reference to the poster.
Yes, in the middle part of the composition, towards the left, there are about 3-4 blocks of text. The bottom-most 2 show clear difference in type color. Although both blocks are different values,  the block to the left gives us a much darker type color because it is tracked together very tightly. The right block has a very loose tracking, and gives us a brighter type color.

Does your final poster show a clear, three-level visual hierarchy? Identify each element in the poster’s visual hierarchy.
My final poster includes an “NI” as its dominant. The “bo” and “do” would attract our attention as the subdominant, and the triangle-shaped text would pull our eye as a submissive.

Why did you choose the two ink colors used in your final poster? How do these colors relate to the typeface?
I chose a pantone violet for my final poster, along with some white and some black. I feel that violet is a very elegant color, which works cohesively with what the Bodoni type face stands for.

What are three things you would change in your final poster?
Add more color, create more shapes with negative space, and push typographic contrast even further.